DTN Exchange is a private marketplace where sellers and buyers can come together to make trades that benefit both parties.

DTN Exchange is administered by DTN. We authorize accounts for new buyers and sellers, and provide training and support. If questions and issues arise, we help resolve them.

Sellers use DTN Exchange to make offers to authorized partner buyers. Buyers use DTN Exchange to view seller offers, and to accept offers at the seller’s price or submit a bid for a different price. Sellers receive a notification from DTN Exchange that their offer has been accepted and a trade made. If a bid has been submitted, the seller can use DTN Exchange to view the bid and then accept or decline it.

Trades can be made on prompt offers for currently available products at the currently published real-time price, and on forward contracts for products that will be available on specified months, for specified quantities, and for a specified price in the future.

Before making an offer, sellers use DTN Exchange to define the products they are selling and the terminals where those products can be lifted. Sellers can tie their pricing rules to a real-time index or keep their price at a flat rate.

Sellers also authorize the buyers with whom they will do trades. New buyers can send a request through DTN Exchange to indicate the seller with which they would like to trade. Alternatively, the seller can notify DTN about any new buyers to be authorized.

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