DTN Exchange v3.7.2 – March 2015

  • New Market Summary File Lookup! (more about this below)
  • Level1 update/summary messages now include the Trade Aggressor (limited exchanges) and Trade Day Code (all exchanges) fields.
  • Level1 fundamental messages now include Base CurrencyContract SizeContract MonthsMinimum Tick SizeFirst Delivery DateOpen TimeClose TimeFIGI, and Security Subtype.
  • Historical Tick data requests also now include Trade Aggressor and Day Code.
  • There is now an visual alert to customers while on trial that tells them when the trial expires.
  • There is now a configurable visual alert for when level 1 data is queueing on the local machine waiting to be delivered to a client app.
  • There is now a filter for non-standard options in the equity chains lookup.

Introducing the new Market Summary File Lookup!

Our new market summary file lookup offers a snapshot of the entire market every 5 minutes throughout the trading day! Deliverable by exchange and security type, these lookups contain data for every symbol we carry streamed to you over the lookup port in IQFeed. At the end of the day, they are archived for historical EOD retrieval. Additionally, via these lookups you will be able to retrieve archived fundamental data. Data has been backfilled for this new product offering back through May 20th, 2018. Note that exchange permissions for real-time vs delayed 5min snapshot files are still in effect for this product and we are still evaluating what price point this will be when the beta period ends (for now, it’s free).

Bug Fixes and Display Application Changes:

  • Charts – Fixed a bug where the x-axis was not aligning the front label correctly
  • News – Fixed bug causing no stories to be displayed when launching with “-symbol” command line parameter
  • Diagnostics – Removed references to login2.paragonsoftware.net since this domain no longer exists.
  • Chains – Fixed bug causing Greeks Calculator values to be different than those displayed in the grid.
  • Time & Sales / Charts – Optimized data storage for retrieval & display of history results (requires more memory than previous version)
  • Time & Sales / Charts – Now have a strict 5 million data point limit.
  • IQConnect – Removed Remote Assistance option from the right-click -> Support Menu.
  • Installer now deletes old uninstaller files when installing over the top with a new version.


IQFeed v6.0.0.5 – 2018/07/06 – Changes since last Release

  • Corrected an issue that would cause some customers to enter a reconnect loop.

IQFeed v6.0.0.4 – 2018/06/06 – Changes since last Release

  • Fixed bugs causing option chains settings not being used when making requests.
  • Fixed bug allowing S,SET PROTOCOL,4.9 command on the L1 port to set the 5.0 protocol instead of returning an error message.
  • Updated news to show all headlines on launch
  • Installer now registering chart control proplerly.
  • SnapQuote now clears the grid and puts the text “Invalid Symbol” in the name field when using an invalid symbol.
  • All apps now set focus to the symbol entry combobox (where available) on launch.
  • Fixed bugs in Time&Sales, SnapQuote, and MarketDepth not properly launching other apps.
  • Fixed bug causing all apps to identify as option chains when launching
  • Scans now launches IQFeed.
  • Watchlist wasn’t properly ignoring the -symbol command line parameter
  • Fixed bug in watchlist not saving grid settings
  • Removed new watchlist wizard
  • Applications launched from watchlist use currently focused symbol
  • Watchlist now activates application button on launch
  • Changed confirmation prompt when switching watchlists and there is unsaved changes.
  • Fixed/Updated example apps

IQFeed v6.0.0.1 – 2018/03/27 – Changes since last Release

Changes that will impact development:

  • 6.0 Protocol added to all socket types.
  • COM functionality will be maintained for protocols 5.2 and earlier, but will not receive future updates.
  • History interval requests using the 6.0 protocol now use the time at the beginning of the interval for their labels as opposed to the end. A parameter has been added to all interval requests, where the old behavior can be chosen.

Major Changes:

  • Display applications have been redesigned to a standard ribbon based UI.
  • More display applications are now included with the installer.
  • Updated the icons for all display applications.
  • The IQFeed installer includes a folder on the desktop that contains shortcuts to the desktop apps.
  • Added the ability to save and reload your current workspace.

Minor Changes:

  • Added a download link to the right click menu.
  • Numerous enhancements to streamline current processes.
  • Corrected a bug where negative volumes could be reported for very large volumes.
  • Removed the shortcut to the deprecated IQLink Launcher app. The app is still available, but should no longer be used.
  • Removed the version number from the start menu.
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